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Apr 2021

Testimony from W-KNA to County Council in opposition to Resolution 2021-13 for Condemnation of Easement by Eminent Domain for the Multi-use Path makai of Islander on the Beach. This location already has paved public access, it is experiencing significant coastal erosion, and is contrary to the Shoreline Setback Ordinance.
Jan 2021

Testimony to County Council with comments on Bill 2813: Amendments to the CZO, Chapter 8, Shoreline Setback & Coastal Protection Ordinance.
Sep 2020

Testimony to Planning Commission regarding preserving the integrity of the CZO and the Open Zone District.
Aug 2020

Testimony to County Council on Zoning Amendment ZA-2020-14 regarding the Shoreline Setback & Coastal Protection Ordinance, discouraging the county from exempting public facilities from the shoreline setback line in order to build seaward despite sea level rise and coastal hazards.
Apr 2020

W-KNA's early consultation comments on the Wailua Wastewater Treatment Plan (WWTP) Alternative Effluent Disposal System.
Feb 2020

Testimony to BLNR in opposition to granting a half-acre lease at 1326 Inia Street, Kapaa. to the County of Kauai and New Hope Church.
Feb 2020

Kauai County intends to “bring Aliomanu Road back to its original, pre-erosion condition as a two-lane road” and build a rock revetment on the makai side, despite only 30 homes needing access along this dead-end road. Read W-KNA's recommendations to DLNR for managed retreat instead of armoring the shoreline.
Jan 2020

W-KNA’s January 15, 2020 letter to Mayor Kawakami addressing concerns about 1326 Inia Street, a half-acre of public land (Executive Order 4566) to be leased to New Hope Church for “Community Needs and Social Services” without considering the long-standing need for parking in Kapaa Town. Read W-KNA's Letter.
Nov 2019

W-KNA’s testimony to the State DLNR outlines significant reasons why KIUC's Draft Environmental Assessment for the Waiahi Hydropower Long-term Water Lease is inadequate and why an Environmental Impact Statement should be required instead. The public comment deadline has been extended to Dec. 23, 2019. Your input is important. Read W-KNA's Submittal.
Sep 2019

Revisit the "Kapa'a Transportation Solutions" (August 2015). This 143-page report is a joint effort between the Hawaii Dept. of Transportation and the County of Kauai. The mid- to near-term priority projects for implementation are described in Chapter 5 (2MB) and in Appendix B (5MB).
Aug 2019

W-KNA’s testimony to the State Land Use Commission outlines significant concerns with the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for KEALIA MAUKA HOMESITES which proposes 235 lots on 53-acres of Agricultural District land. Read W-KNA's Submittal.
Apr 2019

KIUC presentation in February prompts follow up inquiry. Read W-KNA's letter & KIUC's response.
Dec 2018

HOKUA PLACE, formerly known as Kapaa Highlands, proposes to change 97-acres of agricultural district land to urban district for a proposed 683-multi-family & 86-single family subdivision located on the hillside between Kapaa Intermediate School and the Kapaa Bypass Road. Based on the 2nd Draft Environmental Impact Statement, W-KNA considers urban development in this location at this time, unsuitable. Read W-KNA's testimony.
Dec 2018

The State Board of Land & Natural Resources approved the holdover of KIUC’s WATER USE PERMIT for the Blue Hole Diversion (Waialeale & Waikoko Streams) to operate the Upper and Lower Waiahi hydro- power plants. Although some environmental and cultural studies have been done, the required environmental review process and opportunity for public input remains incomplete. Renewable energy is not a public trust use, therefore restoration of mauka-to-makai stream flows and other public trust uses must take priority in trying to balance water use. Read W-KNA's testimonyl.
Jun 2018

W-KNA submitted testimony to the State Land Use Commission in opposition to proposed upzoning of Agricultural District lands in Kealia and our concerns about the developer's Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a proposed residential subdivision (Kealia Mauka Homesites) consisting of 235 lots on 53-acres.Read W-KNA's Submittal.
Mar 2018

HG Kaua`i Joint Venture LLC, the developer of the proposed HOKUA PLACE (formerly Kapaa Highlands) will soon file its draft Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for review by the public, government agencies, and the Land Use Commission. The project consists of 97-acres located behind Kapaa Middle School which will need to be upzoned from Agricultural District to Urban in order to build 683-multi-family units and 86-single family lots. Keep checking the LUC site for updated information HERE.
Jun 2017

The Kauai General Plan June 13, 2017 Department Draft was approved by the Planning Commission despite numerous inconsistencies, inaccurate information and strong public objection. Read W-KNA's testimony citing concerns with the county's final draft General Plan. Download Testimony
Feb 2017

W-KNA submitted testimony in strong opposition to proposed closing of the Lihue Rice Street Post Office. Read Letter
Sep 2016

The County Planning Department has released the General Plan Draft Vision/Goals and Policies embedded in a 5-minute online survey available September 2-26 at http://plankauai.com/.
Apr 2016

W-KNA Letter to Planning Commission regarding Coconut Beach Development's construction of a Dust Fence along the coastline ON the certified shoreline (high water mark), despite a 40-foot setback requirement. Tree removal, coastal preservation and other concerns are also addressed. See Letter.
Feb 2016

The Jan. 26, 2016 Planning Commission meeting minutes for the Coco Palms Status Report, state that the Planning Director said:
I will be filing a petition with the planning commission to hear whether or not to issue a show-cause at February 23rd meeting. I believe if there are indications that there is demolition proceeding at that juncture as Mr. Waters has said, a video is available that they are moving forward and leave it up to the commission to decide whether or not it is in the county's best interest to provide the necessary extensions to actually remediate the anticipated violations that will occur on the permit. At this juncture, I feel in order to ensure these permit conditions are complied with, I will be seeking a request from the planning commission at its February 23rd meeting to actually deliberate on whether or not to issue an order to show cause to terminate, modify or revoke the permits.

Read Minutes.
Sep 2015

The Kapaa Transportation Solutions (August 2015) has been released. This 143-page report is a joint effort between the Hawaii Dept. of Transportation and the County of Kauai. The mid- to near-term priority projects for implementation are described in Chapter 5 (2MB) and in Appendix B (5MB).
Feb 2015

W-KNA Testimony of February 23, 2015 on Repair & Reconstruction of Coco Palms Resort. Click here to download.
Dec 2014

Hokua Place (formerly Kapaa Highlands) a 97-acre, mixed-use residential development with almost 800 housing units, behind Kapaa Middle School is seeking approval from the State Land Use Commission (LUC) to upzone this land from Agricultural District to Urban District for this proposed project. A 400-page EISPN (Environmental Impact Study Preparation Notice) is available for review and public comment. Click here to download(18 MB).
Nov 2014

Plans to redevelop the Coco Palms Hotel are imminent and a public hearing before the Planning Commission to review the permit applications is scheduled for January 27, 2015.  The resort will have 350 units and the Sea Shell Restaurant will be rebuilt.  Read the 54- page permit application.  Please note that the 94 pages of architectural floor plan drawings and the 165-page Archeological Inventory Survey (2005) are omitted to reduce the file size.  To see the color site plan maps. click Here.
Oct 2014

W-KNA letter to Planning Commission requesting a deferral regarding design review for Coconut Beach Resort, Waipouli so that multiple issues can be resolved. See testimony. Commissioners did defer the matter to the December 9th meeting. 
Apr 2014

A public informational meeting was held April 1st about the Upper Kapahi Dam Replacement Project. The Draft Environmental Assessment will be released before summer and residents will have 30-days to comment. Read the Factsheet and the History/Timeline that were distributed at the meeting.
Feb 2014

W-KNA Comments on the Waipouli Bike Path (Phase C&D) Draft Environmental Assessment and concerns regarding shoreline setback variances. See Letter
Nov 2013

W-KNA Letter to Planning Commission requesting reconsideration of the Long's/CVS Store permit approvals based on procedural errors and other concerns.. See Letter
Aug 2013

W-KNA Testimony opposed to the proposed Long's Store at Coconut Plantation, Waipouli. Plan to attend the October 8th Planning Commission meeting. See Letter
Jul 2013

Testimony by W-KNA in support of Bill 2491 regarding pesticides and GMO’s. See Letter
Jul 2013

Special Management Use Permit Application for CVS/Long’s Drugs Store at Coconut Plantation, Waipouli. (Presentation on Sat. July 27 and Planning Commission Public Hearing on Tues. August 13.) Permit Application April 24, 2013 (2.7 mbytes)
May 2013

W-KNA Voices Concerns to Council regarding Resolution 2013-54 to establish stop signs and stop lines on Olohena Road at its intersection with Ka`apuni Road, Kawaihau District. See Letter
Apr 2013

W-KNA Letter to Mayor Carvalho and Public Works concerning proposed improvements to the historic one-lane Kapahi Bridge, Kawaihau. See Letter
Mar 2013

W-KNA Letter to the County Council and Mayor with a request for improved transparency: a) Webcasts of the Planning Commission Subdivision Committee meetings, and b) Online access to Planning Commission agenda item documentation (prior to meetings). See Letter
Mar 2013

W-KNA Letter to Senator Kouchi in support of the Grant-in-Aid Request from Hawaiian Island Land Trust for a Community-based Planning Process, Acquisition and Funding Plan for the former Coco Palms Resort. See Letter
Mar 2013

W-KNA Testimony to Council in favor of Resolution 2013-40 supporting the Grant in Aid Request Before the State Legislature for a Community-Based Planning Process and Acquisition Plan for Coco Palms.
Dec 2012

Testimony to Council from W-KNA regarding the erosion at Wailua Beach and the impacts on the County’s Multi-Use Path. See Letter
Nov 2012

W-KNA Testimony to the Planning Commission in opposition to Kealia Properties LLC’s request for a subdivision construction extension S-2006-45 and S-2006-46. See Letter
Mar 2012

Check out our alert regarding the urgent need to preserve one-lane bridges on the Eastside.
Feb 2011
A. Feb. 17, Thurs. KIUC Candidates Forum at KCC Cafeteria 6:30 pm sponsored by Apollo Kauai and KCC Associated Students. Vote Feb. 22 thru March 19 by mail, phone, online.
B. County public meeting at Wailua Homesteads Park Pavilion regarding the proposed Dog Use Area on March 10, Thursday 5 pm.
C. State DLNR Conservation District Rules Amendments (Draft 2) – Public Testimony due March 9.
Jan 2011
A. Roller Derby Jan 6, 5 PM at the Kapa`a New Cannery; free
B. Watch Webcast of County Council and Planning Commission meetings at http://www.kauai.gov/tabid/400/Default.aspx
Nov 2010
A. Public workshop Sat. Nov. 20, 2010 sponsored by NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries to discuss a proposed Discovery Center for Kaua`i. Email your comments, ideas and visions for the discovery center to Jean.Souza@noaa.gov now through Dec. 15th.
B. KIUC’s Draft Habitat Conservation Plan is available for review - deadline for public comments is Nov. 29th. Download the Short-Term Seabird Habitat Conservation Plan or the Draft Environmental Assessment at http://www.fws.gov/pacificislands/
Oct 2010
A. Hawaii State Legislature’s Public Access Room Workshops about how to navigate the legislative process - Thurs. Nov. 18th, 6PM at Kapaa Library. http://hawaii.gov/lrb/par/
B. Important Agricultural Lands (IAL) Regional Public Meeetings: Lihue Convention Hall: Fri. Nov. 19, 5:30-7:30pm; Kilauea Neighborhood Center: Nov. 20, 9-11am; Waimea Neighborhood Center: Sat. Nov. 20, 3-5pm. http://sites.google.com/site/kauaiial/
Sep 2010
A. Public comments for NOAA’s Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan Review will be accepted through Oct. 16, 2010. http://hawaiihumpbackwhale.noaa.gov/management/mpr_faqs.html
Aug 2010
A. Hawai`i Flood Hazard Assessment Tool - www.hawaiiNFIP.org
B. DLNR Office of Coastal and Conservation Lands Administrative Rules Amendments. The deadline for public comments is Sept. 7.
C. Office of the Prosecuting Attorney is hosting six Pono Kaulike (Equal Rights and Justice for All) community meetings. For Kapa`a: Thursday, Sept. 2nd at Kapa`a Neighborhood Center from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Jul 2010
A. Public Access, Open Space & Natural Resources Preservation Commission’s Annual Community Survey - www.kauai.gov/OpenSpaceSurvey
B. State Office of Planning-Coastal Zone Management Program wants public input by August 30th on the Draft Section 309 Assessment & Strategy Document FY2011-2015: Or, complete the survey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/section309
Jun 2010
A. Statewide Pedestrian Master Plan Public Meeting on Tues., July 27th 5:30–7:30 pm; War Memorial Convention Hall, Lihue.
B. Strawberry Guava Bio-control – July 23rd deadline for public comments on the Draft Environmental Assessment which is available at: www.strawberryguavabiocontrol.org
May 2010
A. Handheld Cell Phone Ban Takes Effect Sunday, May 23, 2010.
B. Free Kama‘aina Tours of Coco Palms every Saturday. Call Hawai‘i Movie Tours at 822-1192 for reservations.
C. Dogs on The Path bill Signed by Mayor
Apr 2010
A. Identification of Kaua`i’s Important Agricultural Lands (IAL) Advisory Committee meeting #4 (open to the public). Friday, April 30; 3-5 pm at the Planning Commission meeting room. The agenda and materials are online at: http://sites.google.com/site/kauaiial/
Mar 2010
A. Kaua`i Chapter of the Hawai`i Farmer’s Union – contact Patti Valentine, Kaua`i Chapter Director www.HawaiiFarmersUnion.org
B. Identification of Kaua`i’s Important Agricultural Lands (IAL) Advisory Committee meeting #4 (open to the public). Fri., April 30; 3-5pm at the Planning Commission meeting room. The agenda and materials are online at: http://sites.google.com/site/kauaiial/
Feb-2010 Meeting cancelled due to tsunami warning
A. County Council approves $150K for consultants Wilson Okamoto to finish the Kapa`a-Wailua Development Plan Update.
B. Kaua`i Energy Sustainability Plan – Review the Draft Plan online and submit comments by February 16th at: http://www.kauainetwork.org/energysustainabilityplan.asp
C. Identification of Kaua`i’s Important Agricultural Lands Study - Feb. 19th, 3-5 pm Advisory Committee meeting (open to the public). http://sites.google.com/site/kauaiial/

polling: presenting eastside viewpoints

Wailua Beach Bike Path Poll  |  KAPA'A, KAUA'I - November 4, 2009

The Wailua-Kapa`a Neighborhood Association board of directors was asked last month to take a position on where the proposed Bike Path through Wailua should be constructed -- on Wailua Beach adjacent to Kuhio Highway or the alternate route behind Coco Palms. Whatever our personal preferences were, we knew that our association's members and the residents of East Kaua`i were divided on this issue.  Therefore, we developed an opinion poll on our website to allow people to express their preferences on this community issue.

The online poll commenced on October 13 and concluded on November 1.  According to the results, 457 votes were registered and 54% favored the Bike Path on Wailua Beach while 46% favored redirecting the path.

The polling site provided information on both sides of the issue.  Only one vote per web connection was permitted by the polling software.

Based on the close results of the poll, the board will not take a position.

We would like to thank all the concerned citizens who took part in this poll. 

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