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If you think a neighborhood association for the eastside is a good idea and you want to support the development of this group, there are several ways you to do so. Read more about supporting WKNA...

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WKNA generally meets monthly at the Kapa`a Library from 2-4 PM, usually on the 4th Saturday.

WKNA in 2021

we're talking about our future

guiding: board of directors

Rayne Regush Chair 821-0123 rayneregush<at>aol<dot>com
Marge Freeman Treasurer 822-4605 freemanmargery<at>gmail<dot>com
Carol Volker Director 822-9180 carolvolker1<at>gmail<dot>com
Helena Cooney Director 822-1885 helena1824<at>aol<dot>com
Sid Jackson Secretary 821-2837 sjackson23<at>hawaii<dot>rr<dot>com
Andy Bushnell Director 822-1651 bushnell.andy<at>gmail<dot>com


Feel free to contact us with your questions or comments!

Picture of the Board of Directors in 2017

WKNA Board of Directors

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