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WKNA generally meets monthly at the Kapa`a Library from 2-4 PM, usually on the 4th Saturday.

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       recognizing: neighborhood pride awards

Meetings may feature our Neighborhood Pride Award for residents who maintain beautiful front yards. Listed below are the Award winners so far.

Nominations for beautiful front yards in the 96746 zip code can be made to Carol Volker at carolvolker1<at>gmail<dot>com. The only criteria is that the resident does the work themselves and the home is located in the 96746 zip code.

The Neighborhood Pride Awards were created by Helena Cooney, who administered them from  2007 through 2015. Many thanks to Carol Volker for restarting the awards.

Recipient Month Location Photo (click for details)
Marj Dente Feb '19 Kapa`a Dente winner
Dennis Wasano Mar '15 Kapa`a Wasano winner
Donna Perlman and Steve Herzig Feb '14 Kapa`a Perlman winner
Marjorie Lewis Jan '13 Iwaena Loop, Kapa`a Lewis winner
Dennis & Suzanne Greene Aug '12 Laipo Rd., Kapa`a Greene winner
Rose Anne & Robb Jones Feb '12 Kihei Rd., Wailua Houselots
Jones winner
Bill and Sea Peterson
Jun '11 Laipo Rd., Kapa`a Peterson winner
Donna and Erick Moon Apr '11 Makaloa St., Kapa`a Moon winner
Sarah Rogers Oct '10 Olohena Rd., Wailua Homestead Yasutake winner
Carol Yasutake Jun '10 Ahele Dr., Wailua Homestead Yasutake winner
Noni Smythe Oct '09 Opaekaa Subdivision, Kapa`a Smythe winner
Triana Bernal Sep '09 Kawaihau Rd, Kapa`a Bernal winner
Charles & Maryanne Kusaka Aug '09 Nounou Rd, Wailua Kusaka winner
Jack Dacey May '09 No Ka Oi Place, Wailua Dacey winner
Free Church of Tonga Jan '09 Kawaihau Rd, Kapaa Tonga winner
Sandy & Mike Takaezu Oct '08 Lokelani Rd, Wailua Takaezu winner
Eugene Ancheta Aug '08 Kahala Rd, Kapaa Ancheta winner
Eva & Rick Davis Jul '08 Leimomi St, Wailua Davis winner
Rita & Victor Levine Jun '08 Ahakea St, Wailua Levine winner
Carolyn Williams May '08 Lauone St, Wailua Williams winner
Randy Ballard Feb '08 Kapahi Rd, Kapaa Ballard winner
Les Knudsen Nov '07 Kahana Rd, Kapaa Knudsen winner
Elsie Huddy
Sep '07 Kawaihau Rd, Kapaa Huddy winner


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