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If you think a neighborhood association for the eastside is a good idea and you want to support the development of this group, there are several ways you to do so. Read more about supporting WKNA...

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WKNA generally meets monthly at the Kapa`a Library from 2-4 PM, usually on the 4th Saturday.

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preserving our rural look and feel

WKNA submitted written comments concerning the `Opaeka`a and Pu`uopae Bridges and the Kapahi Bridge.

save one-lane bridges:

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"The association is advocating to retain these bridges as one-lane. We want to see that every alternative for conservation is explored and discussed with the community. Above all, the historic value of `Opaeka`a Bridge in particular, is irreplaceable. Its beauty, charm, and sense of place are important values to these rural neighborhoods and in general, one-lane bridges engender neighborliness." (from WKNA testimony; click here for pdf of complete submittal).

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